Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Y-- Why O -- Owe U-- You :: YOU

Would someone do this? Attempt to make me so angry that I write things in my blog having to do with personal issues. They want a libel suit? I discuss only things I know to be true or speculation based on events. I use no malice.

Would someone break my car to make me mad to have me restart blog discussions about who I am and who I have known in an attempt to get a suit for libel?

Since July I have had several problems including: a charge back for my one and only hosting client, because of site problems had to move both my sites, a problem with my bank, and now major car problems. Someone wants me really angry.

What judge would award no class leeches anything after all this and this does not even include what happened before July of this year?

I am so distracted today-- I have made mistake after mistake on a paid blogging post. I have been thinking about all of this too much.

Yes, I agree if the DOJ would investigate they would say bad words... How long do you simply sit back and watch as someone takes more and more from me?

Darnetta once told me she forgot to sign something. Here is a post I wrote recently about legal issues:

Garnishments? No knowledge of any...

Sometimes, I believe things can be switched around, changed or filed and others that may have been affected have no knowledge of what may have happened.

For instance what if someone filed a suit against me? There should be a legal trail of filings, actions, etc. I have never received any notice of suits, garnishments or judgments against me or my business [QiSoftware].

To my knowledge-- I have never been sued by any individual for anything. In this country legal channels should be followed. This is a very loud message--

I am tired of trickery and subterfuge. I am tired of the mentality-- "Shawny-- JuJu and GeGe look just alike" [confusing me with other people-- in this case one of my parents neighbors, who lived next door to my sister for over 15 years].

I do not owe you or your tricks. I have to many clearances, references and too much know how... I said no.

I have not been sued and income from my businesses or interests should not be diverted or garnished, illegally.

Regina D. Thomas
8630-M Guilford RD #276
Columbia, MD 21046

Owner: QiSoftware

This non-lawyer edited public notice just to ensure everyone is on the same page. By the way-- my affiliate and adsense stats do not reflect sales or a higher income than already noted, so the context of this post aligns with the fact I do not have garnishments. Taking from me should be through a legal process. There has been none.

Conclusion: The crimes committed would be against me. Fraud and violation of my rights. I want the correction.

Who stands to gain if I am unable to collect what is owed me or what was taken from me? WHO is that? It belongs in jail. My estate goes to the American Cancer Society.

I am too costly for the government to correct?



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