Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anne Arundel County Why?

January 14, 2012.. wrong message.. find another corner.. I am not kidding. you respond-- photograph looks like he is facing the right way to ticket traffic violators. My response-- at 8:45 a.m. on a Saturday morning in a quiet residential area? Further he was not watching traffic-- he was flipping through papers. Out there for about 20 minutes-- when I noticed. Here is the photo.

Above photo taken Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at 8:49 a.m.. 1476 has a real problem with staying off that corner. Why? Also, look up crime stats for Hanover, MD.

I repeat, that idiot is too aggressive, too angry and I do not put up with idiots. I should not be seeing this guy anywhere near me.

What have I been up too that may have caused someone to send this idiot over here again. Nothing-- installed a new widget on my personal blog. Cleaned up some problems with other tools.

Thinking it was an attempt to bully on the historic tags again [some how they can stop me?] I opened the garage door to make sure he could see the tags since he was facing toward the garage. I left the door open for a good 15-20 minutes. See I think he wants to try something like-- oh I wanted to stop you and inquire about your tags. I made sure he saw them this morning.

Also this week-- the car my brother and sister-in-law [claiming belonged to her son, Eric] dropped off 3 months ago-- which I requested they remove [I also asked the FBI to look into it--], the cover blew off yesterday showing it had no tags. That idiot cop wants to pretend I am using my old tags for the car I asked both my brother and FBI to remove? I have already said- the old tags are not available and further-- I said get that crap out of my yard. I don't even have the keys to that car. FBI-- that idiot comes any where near me-- and you are going to be answering.. get that idiot off me. he is fking crazy. Andre-- you are jumping for that that nigga trash [italian american? okay-- pompous trash]-- with a gun? why? what did you do? I am not.. FBI I am not kidding.

Explain what you are not understanding?

And fbi-- the idiots want to squabble over a 1 or a 7... have them go ask their 5 year old if they know the difference. A stupid AA cop is a stupid aa cop.


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