Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, I must be kidding

I write a blog post about the local wimp azz pu----ies and they are on the corner today. FBI-- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guarantees me the right to bear arms.

I have lost-- limb, property and my rights-- with no recourse. Those wimp azz pu--ies better have a good reason to be on that corner. I have not seen a wimp-azz pu---- ie on that corner since December.

Dumb-Fu__ 5-- tell him he needs to go on a diet and find someone else's corner. I am not kidding.

Why on this blog-- I am running tests on Q's Wire....

I cannot prove this -- but there is a lot of noise over the Meetup tonight. I was being egged to go talk to the fat azz. Why? An attempt to rifle through my bag? Is someone having a hard time with one of my new interfaces?

Imagine-- the police aiding and abetting those who wish to steal my hard work daring me to go over there. I am not going over to talk to a fat azz-- idiot. His mistake? His mistake will be to trespass on this property.

I think the local filth wanted to get into bags. Software key? Judge who needs to have access to my source code and why?

By the way judge-- I am not making a mistake about the local pu--ies. Find out why?

Even going as far as to suggest I should be concerned about their WAMA. FBI-- you should be concerned about that WAMA. Not me. Never met her nor do I wish to know her. Nor, I might add-- should she ever be in my face for any reason. I am not going to Washington to be in her face. I am going because Rockstars are having a meetup. If I wanted issues with local law enforcement-- why would I be doing everything I can to get the FBI involved? I repeat FBI-- WAMA is not going to be my problem. PROMISE.

By the way-- 1234 tags on the police cruiser. FAT AZZ has a maroon car. I think either a black man or an asian guy has that tag. Why is Fat AZZ using someone else's car? Like I said-- wimp azz pu--- ies.


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