Monday, January 04, 2010

they're back

df crew out today-- FBI tag 1416... Not kidding.

The day or the day after my brother assaulted me and I called the police in early 2006-- I went by the police station on Route 170 in Odenton or Severn MD. I stood in the lobby between 5-10 minutes. I wanted to know what could be done to insure my brother did not return.

No one ever came out. I left my business card in the slot beneath the plate glass window.

When many of my possessions were stolen -- I went to PG county. My mother and the police seemed to think I gave my things away.. I have no idea why I would be trying to report the incident if I gave them away. My mother may be frightened of the dumb-f--k bunch in Maryland. I am not. FBi- I said not in my house. You allow this fu-king trash to add insult to injury? I am not kidding.

I called, wrote, been to your place-- you, the FBI. They do not come to their lobby but you allow the dumbf--k crew to sit on my corner and play big dog. Those dogs are going to be little pu-ss-ies by the time I get finished.


When I purchased property-- it was in Bowie Maryland and the reason I went to PG county police because of property theft. I lived in Northern VA before that-- always renting-- First Falls Church [Lee Hwy], then Arlington [Pershing dr] and then Arlington [Walter Reed Dr.] I purchased in Bowie. Also where I was coming from when the late September '93 accident occurred-- in Anne Arundel Co just outside of Ft Meade also known as BooneTown. I provided my living whereabouts-- something- you the FBI should have been fully aware of because of the government clearances I held for over 15 years. Arundel Arundel Co has violated my rights over and over-- and I did not move back to Anne Arundel Co after leaving until I was forced too. That after my why Me? search began. I did stay at my parents home briefly between the move from Pershing to Walter Reed [no heat in radiators] and then again when I was waiting on the completion of my place [newly built when I purchased]. I held at least a Secret Clearance all that time and my whereabouts should be no mystery to you. I can prove local Maryland police have violated my rights. I SAID-- STAND DOWN. I MEAN STAND DOWN.

You ask them why they are in my face... you [the FBI] know damn well who I am. Too bully? I never liked bullies.

FBI/DOJ-- The Deal.


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