Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some comparisons to put this into perspective...

Why am I screaming? Here are some stats.

Definitions: Developer-- meaning I am the developer. Site Areas -- meaning on

Blogger Calendar [MovableType, Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress Supported]
Technorati Blog Ranking Tool
vCard php code
Google Map Interface
Myriad of tools on WiredPages

QiSoftware Site Areas:
News, Software & Java Forum [60-100 signups a day]
(forum provides popular lists- celebrity bloggers, blogger add ons, etc)
Q's Wire
QiSoftware Business Blog
Business Directory
QiSoftware Main Site
Qisoftware Catalogue
Alexa Rank 1,600,000 + [Total QiSoftware Rank]

Girls WordPress Blog I saw today, only property on her site
[never heard of her before]--
Alexa Rank 166,000

Why is this notable? The Girl's WordPress Blog [mentioned above as part of the comparison] gets more profitable writing assignments because her blog is ranked higher. I bet the girl thought I was going to post a link. Shame on you... I get threats in real time-- because everyone reads my blog. Note: of course the stats dispute my claim. The threats-- I am not sure if a link or ad is wanted. Maybe some big man simply wants to say "boo". I do not like boo.

I am definitely going to have to get an Alexa Toolbar.

Dane Carlson Blog
Of "How Much Is Your Blog Worth" fame. Technorati Non-Dynamic Magnet
Alexa Rank 15,000+

One or two of my developments, i.e., Blogger Calendar, Technorati Blog Ranking Tool, or areas on WiredPages could have put me on the [notice] map. Because there was no Blogger Calendar for Blogger-- I believe that had the best chance. I am constantly getting notices for new affiliates or promos from 2 of the three affiliate programs I belong too. Why bother if I have no traffic?

Why am I mad? I get threats and am not even sure what they want-- I have no audience, yet everyone knows me and I am being defrauded, in front of everyone. You bet your bippie I am mad. I asked the FBI to investigate. No word yet. I am pulling ads. Do you think I will have more threats?

Hosting-Q: Hosting-Q is another matter entirely. Hosting-Q is my web hosting service. It also hosts the ProfessionalProfiles service. Since adding the ProfessionalProfiles link to the top of Q's Wire... Alexa claims the ranking for Hosting-Q has improved quite a bit. 8,000,000 to 1,000,000 over the last month or so. Q's Wire... of course is on the 1,600,000 ranked site []. Hosting-Q had more rank than all of qisoftware for a week or so and I was not even in development mode [ProfessionalProfiles is new]. I wish these lies correlated. It kind of adds insult to injury.

I get requests for linkage on Q's Wire... including offers to pay for a link.

I belong to some of the largest forums on the Internet and regularly leave a calling card. I often tell others about my latest developments-- calendars, templates, technorati magnet, vCard software, site finds...

Yet I am nowhere... The ads are the problem. You do not see fraud. I do.


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