Thursday, October 18, 2007

WordPress and post entry numbers

I have noticed an interesting little oddity with WordPress. When I upload a file [images] with the WordPress Upload feature, the database increments the post ID number. I think I am going to go back to uploading my images via SSH-shell access or FTP.

Why might this be a concern for me? If someone were mirroring my site, they could insert posts where the "image or non-" posts are supposed to be. This bothers me. I look for ways someone can "hijack" my site's resources. In the past, there has been unauthorized access to my blogs. I am not sure who.

This post-- a warning to those tampering with my sites. You do not have my authorization and this practice should cease forthwith. IP checks should be made where there is a question. I am speculative. I am not malicious.

Regina Thomas

The following post IDs for this blog [Q's Wire... url:] do not have associated entries. In some cases, I deleted the posts. The more recent entries [i.e., 151, 155] are those that were inserted when an image file was uploaded [about two of those] and the rest-- they look odd.

I keep master copies of everything I write. The highest post is 158, this post. There are 7 entries in the Site Finds category.

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