Friday, October 19, 2007

My relatives cannot absolve your guilt nor will I go away....

A late 1997 event causes me some concern as related to those around me and their behavior. All of this has to do with horrific violations I have been subjected to after filing an EEOC complaint, that at the time I thought had to do with government contract abuses [Qui Tam].

If relatives entered into a deal with those that violated my rights, in hopes of averting their own actions in the matter-- I want to put those in official positions on notice-- I DID NOT MAKE A DEAL and they were my rights violated.

My concern would be that a deal "insured" relatives that were either confused or frightened into something they should not have agreed to. I am not frightened nor am I confused. My relatives cannot do what I have seen done. Government officials abusing their power-- can. I said no. I never worked for the government nor do I wish to..

My rights are being violated now [fraud and interference with my right to conduct business-- online activities] and much more seriously in the past as related to criminal civil rights abuses.

You cannot make a deal with my relatives to negate what has gone before. I can prove most of my claims. I am not sure what the records show-- but I am also not afraid of what any records will show. Explanations will be required from those that abused their power, not me. My problem appears to be getting the Department of Justice to take the intake claim. Why?

You are making a mistake to continue to allow my rights to be violated and not address at least quietly what has gone on before. I said no.

Whenever I get passed on to 5 different people while attempting to find out where the Department of Justice is in the investigation I get a little testy. I called about an hour ago. Do you know what I have learned to do? Never get mad on the phone. I tell [scream at] my blog.

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